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Keeping Your Fire Hydrants Serviced To The Law

We offer installation, maintenance, and comprehensive fire hydrant testing!

Our team of specialists has years of experience in installing, testing, and maintaining fire hydrants. No matter where you are located in the UK, we will come to you for any fire hydrant services you require!

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What is a fire hydrant?

In case of a fire, a fire hydrant is part of important equipment for firefighters. Having a fire hydrant available allows the firefighters to get quick access to a large supply of water. A hose will connect the fire hydrant to the fire engine. Another hose will be connected to supply the hydrant with large amounts of water.

If a public fire hydrant is out of reach in case of a fire, a building is required to install their own. As the British Standard BS99990:15 states, testing of privately owned fire hydrants is required annually. This ensures that the fire hydrant is under its best condition at all times and ready to use in an event of an emergency.

What service do we offer?

Our team of professionals can help you with the installation, maintenance, and comprehensive testing of fire hydrants.
We work with local experts all over the UK and can send quick help to you, no matter where you are located.

The British Standard BS99990:15 regulates the installation and maintenance of privately owned fire hydrants. It requires annual testing along with testing requirements and recommendations.
As it is easy to forget about things you don’t see, it is important to note, that underground hydrants require regular inspections as well.
This is very important in order to have top-quality and reliable equipment available at all times. In the event of a fire, this allows firefighters to act as fast as possible and could possibly save lives.

To ensure reliability and safety, we strictly follow all BS9990:15 guidelines and recommendations, which is not only a legal requirement but will make the people in your building feel safe as well.
On top of this, all our parts used for design comply with the British Standard BS5041.

We have contracts with FM companies, Block Management, and individual property owners throughout the UK.

To schedule an appointment for fire hydrant installation, testing, or maintenance, simply call us under 0800 010 6137 or email us at