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Fire Hyrdrant Servicing

Fire hydrants are used by firefighters to get access to a good and strong water supply. Occasionally, when the closest fire hydrant in a public footway is not close enough to a building, a fire hydrant will need to be set up on private properties. 

These are referred to as privately owned fire hydrants. It is important that they are installed by a competent fire hydrant contractor. 

The fire engine is connected to the fire hydrant using a hose. A hose at the property side is then connected taking advantage of the new local supply. The firefighters are therefore able to move lifesaving water more effectively and powerfully to the cause of the fire.

Since 1989, fire hydrants built on private properties are the sole responsibility of the person who owns or manages that property i.e. the facilities manage, landlord, or property owner. Legally, it’s the responsibility of the person in charge of the property to maintain the fire hydrant and keep it in proper working condition.


We are a residential and commercial service and installation company – focused in the Fire Suppression industry.  We specialise in  the design and installation of dry risers, privately owned fire hydrants and fire sprinklers.

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Having shown compliance with current health and safety legislation – ‘Dry riser solutions’ is accredited within the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS).

All our projects are designed, installed and commissioned to industrial standard and legislation BS9990: 2015 Standards. All the parts used in designing are BS5041 standards.