Fire Sprinkler

Interesting Facts About Fire Sprinklers

A fire sprinkler system is one of the essential safety devices every home must possess. It is a system that discharges water whenever there is a fire, or extreme heat is detected.

A fire sprinkler system is different from a smoke alarm and can operate with or without the smoke alarm system. It activates independently, and immediately a high level of heat is discovered.

The fire sprinkler system consists of a heat-sensitive glass bulb, capable of detecting changes in temperature and the presence of fire. During a fire outbreak, pressure is released on the plug for the outflow of water in the fire’s direction.

The fire sprinkler system has been effective in extinguishing fire outbreaks even before the arrival of fire brigades. Fire sprinkler systems have myths and facts associated with it. However, it is undoubtedly one of the effective safety measures every home must possess.

13 Essential Facts You Need To Know About Fire Sprinklers

The following are essential facts you need to know about fire sprinklers;

1) Fire Sprinklers help reduce the risk of death and destruction in a fire occurrence at home. It reduces the level of damages and casualty during fire outbreaks. Injuries can also be reduced to the barest minimum as a fire sprinkler minimizes the level of heat, flames, and smoke from the fire.

2) Fire sprinklers afford you the chance of cutting your insurance premium due to the security available from the usage of the system. There is a high reduction in property loss, and it saves lives too.

3) Fire sprinklers can serve as first aid to extinguish fire outbreaks even before the arrival of firefighters. Most times, fire sprinklers effectively put out all the fire without the efforts of firefighters.

4) Records and statistics have proven that the fire sprinkler system can cut the risk of dying in a fire outbreak by 80%. That is, in any house with working fire sprinklers, the chances of dying in such an accident are just 20%.

5) It has also been proven that the rate of property loss during a fire outbreak can be reduced by 70%, provided the fire sprinklers system is available. Comparing a home with the sprinkler system to a home without a fire sprinkler system, the assurance of safety is high in the latter.

6) A fire sprinkler is more effective in reducing casualties during a fire outbreak than to a smoke alarm. A smoke alarm only alerts the house owners and does nothing in extinguishing the fire. A fire sprinkler can independently put out the fire at any range in the house.

7) Fire sprinkler systems do not operate simultaneously with smoke alarms. Each system is installed differently and programmed to work independently of each other. Therefore, the fire sprinkler system will not be activated because a smoke alarm rang due to smoke from the kitchen.

8) Analysis of the quality control of fire sprinklers has proven that fire sprinkler-enabled homes have never experienced leakages or malfunctioning of the system. Fire sprinklers are always well fitted and can never leak or witness maintenance issues.

9) Quality control has also proven that fire sprinklers are capable of controlling and extinguishing 96% of fire outbreaks at homes where they are installed. The system had been shut off in homes where they failed to operate.

10) In a house with multiple installed fire sprinkler systems, during a fire outbreak, the sprinkler in the fire area or closest to the outbreak will be activated, not all the fire sprinklers. It is also capable of spraying water directly to the burning area.

11) Fire sprinkler systems make use of less water in extinguishing fire compared to firefighters. As such, the rate of water damages caused by fire sprinklers is less compared to that of damages caused by water from the hose of fire brigades.

12) A fire sprinkler system can fit any place in the house. It can be fitted to the ceiling, the wall, or behind any chosen corner in the room. Fire sprinkler systems are always aesthetically pleasing and will not damage the outlook of the interior decoration.

13) Installing a fire sprinkler system in a home is less expensive compared to the benefits attached to its usage. A simple home fire sprinkler costs $1.35 per square feet on average.

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