Riser Cupboard And Regulations

Riser Cupboard

The word ‘Riser ‘cupboard is what describes cupboards that are located in the areas of typical large apartment buildings that contain cabling for the main services provided to the individual apartments.

Riser cupboards contain all the necessary cabling for each of the apartments or rooms within the building. It’s not uncommon for buildings to have more than one riser cupboards.

In most occupied buildings, for example in London, gas will be supplied to the building. As a result, the service entry point may be found elsewhere and not in the riser cupboard. It is now a legal requirement that electrical and gas supply pipework must be stored within the single riser cupboard. Failing to break such laws get the result in a heavy fine.

Riser Cupboard Regulations and Rules To Follow

If you have a riser cupboard within your building, then you must keep it locked and secure at all times. This is one of the most important riser cupboard regulations that you must follow.

These are locked by using a standard FB1 or FB2 locking mechanism. Emergency services usually have keys to these in the event of an emergency. It’s important these regulations are set in place.

Residents/Tenants are not permitted to store any personal items within the Riser cupboards located in the communal hallways. Doing so, is a contravention of both Health & Safety and Fire Regulations for the building.

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