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Dry Riser Service

Looking for the #1 UK dry riser company? We are an experience team of professionals and can come to your location anywhere within the UK!

Dry Riser Service

Do you need a dry riser installation?

At Dry Risers Solutions we are dedicated to ensuring high quality service and products delivery that ultimately help in saving lives, protect properties and safeguard investments.

Quality is evidently of the most importance. Our dry riser design, wet riser and installations, although competitively priced, comes at a premium range. 

They are also designed to meet the legal standards in BS5306, BS5041, BS9990 and Building Control Regulations for fire brigade use.

Our products can be delivered straight to your site on request. Our dry riser design and installation engineers will fabricate/connect the dry riser on-site. Our engineers are trained and certified with PASMA and IPAF licenses.  On completion the dry riser system will be pressure tested to 12bars and inspected for leaks or malfunctions.

A certificate of compliance will be issued to certify that the dry riser installation and hydraulic testing has been carried out in accordance with BS9990: 2015 and the relevant Building Regulations.


We are a residential and commercial service and installation company – focused in the Fire Suppression industry.  We specialise in  the design and installation of dry risers, privately owned fire hydrants and fire sprinklers.

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Having shown compliance with current health and safety legislation – ‘Dry riser solutions’ is accredited within the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS).

All our projects are designed, installed and commissioned to industrial standard and legislation BS9990: 2015 Standards. All the parts used in designing are BS5041 standards.