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What is the Cost of Servicing a Fire Sprinkler?

What is the Cost of Servicing a Fire Sprinkler?

We cannot overemphasize the importance of a sprinkler in a building. It ensures the safety of lives and properties. However, it’s not enough to install a complete fire sprinkler system.

There must be an assurance that the system will work as it should when needed. It is only by consistently maintaining the sprinkler system you can guarantee that it will work anytime it’s needed.

Cost of Servicing a Sprinkler

The cost of servicing a fire sprinkler system in the UK varies based on the technician you choose to do the servicing. However, servicing cost varies including VAT. The type of building determines the price of service to a great extent.

Logically, the cost of fire sprinklers servicing for a small dwelling up to three bedrooms cannot be equivalent to that of a 60 bedroom high rise building. Some fire sprinkler service providers offer different packages from which you can choose. However, research before picking any service provider to ensure you get the best of sprinkler servicing.

Why Fire Sprinkler Systems Need Servicing?

Sometimes, fire sprinkler systems fail to work when needed. It could be due to several issues such as city feed issue, depleted pressure, sticky valves, or frozen parts.

These issues are common, yet you may never be aware of them before an emergency arises unless you maintain the fire sprinkler system.

Remember that during a fire accident, every second count. A fire sprinkler system buys you the time you need by suppressing the fire incident until fire-fighters show up on the scene to extinguish the fire.

Therefore, having a functioning fire sprinkler system can be the difference needed to protect your assets. Servicing your fire sprinkler involves the testing, inspection, and maintenance of the system.

Dry Riser Installation Cost?

The dry riser installation cost will depend on the work required and time allocated for the building that needs the new riser installation. However, we will provide the best price possible for your business.

Fire Sprinkler Servicing: Legal Requirements and Regulations

In the UK, according to a statistical report, there hasn’t been any fire death in a building with a properly installed and maintained sprinkler system. Therefore, it became a requirement of the British standard that you install and maintain your fire sprinkler to ensure that the system operates correctly at all times.

As it stands, the British standard fire sprinklers (BS9251:2014) and water mist (BS8458:2015) Regulations state that only a competent person can service a fire sprinkler system and that it’s something you should do regularly. Therefore, it’s best to do it no less than once every year.

However, depending on the use of the building, there could be legal requirements that necessitate servicing, testing, and certifying the system more often than once. As a landlord, homeowner, or building manager, ensure you do your research to know how often you need to service the building’s sprinkler system. Else, there could be a severe implication.

Legally, failure to maintain the life safety equipment, causing it to fail to activate in a fire accident, could result in a criminal proceeding. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 England and Wales states these legal requirements. You can find the same in the Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulation 200.

Components of Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

All its cover plates fit perfectly. No sign of a leak. That the head covers all the protected areas.

The law requests that a licensed technician inspect your fire sprinkler system and keep your building safe up to code. Therefore, when you hire a technician to maintain your fire sprinkler system, the technician will inspect all its components, including;

  • Gauges
  • Control valves
  • Alarm devices
  • Hangers or bracing
  • Sprinkler heads
  • Pipes and fittings
  • Antifreeze solution
  • Pre-action or deluge valves
  • Backflow prevention components
  • Main drain
  • Water flow alarm

The technician will also check for necessary repairs or obstructions that can prevent the fire sprinkler from working when needed, which includes;

  1. Inspection of sprinkler head to ensure
  2. Inspection of the walls and ceilings to ensure there are no weeping joint
  3. Inspection of lagging
  4. Inspection and testing of the alarm system
  5. Inspection of the control system
  6. Inspection of pump
  7. Inspection of the tank for;
  8. Water level
  9. Signs of leaks
  10. Low-level alarm
  11. Test for the presence of bacteria
  12. Full commission test

Final Verdict

A fire sprinkler system can save lives and property in the event of a fire. Therefore, installing a fire sprinkler system can be the first step in protecting your facility, business, and employees from a fire. Proper maintenance of the system is also an equally important step.

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