Standpipe System

Standpipe System

What is the purpose of a standpipe system?

Standpipe systems are used to help in case of a fire or emergency. They are a range of pipes that connect your water supply to hose connections. This helps to drastically tackle the fire from the extension of your building’s fire hydrant system. Standpipe systems are intended to provide a pre-piped water system. This is for building occupants or the UK fire department

How does a standpipe work?

Standpipe System
Standpipe System

As we mentioned, a standpipe plays a very important role in the protection against fire. It’s main role is to give you the same purpose of a fire hydrant. A standpipe is used with the hydrant, and the hose is connected to the exposed ends of the standpipe.

What pressure do you pump into a standpipe?

There is a minimum pressure while flowing the required standpipe flow. This is

  • 500 GPM from the hydraulically remote standpipe
  • 250 GPM from each additional standpipe system in the building
  • Up to a maximum of 1000 GPM for a sprinkler building

These pressures will need to be known for your standpipe regulations.

What is a standpipe test?

It’s important to do a standpipe test to make sure it is working correctly and safely within your building. For example, you can do a rooftop standpipe test. This is the best way to test the pump, water supply, and piping at the top of the piping system.t the topmost part of the system.

What are the advantages of having them?

If a fire breaks out in a large building, it will take extra time getting a firehose up a stairwell. The best way to avoid this is having those fixed hose outlets already integrated. Another thing, heavy wet hoses are difficult to move and keep in place. You cam imagine how difficult it would be on an incline stairwell, however, standpipes stay in the same place and never move giving better stability.

Also, fire hoses can block up stairwells when the building occupants are trying to exit in the case of an emergency fire. You don’t get this issue with standpipes.

Are there any disadvantages of having a standpipe?

Standpipes are known to be not fail-safe systems. Also, there have been several cases where firefighter operations have been jeopardised by poor standpipe systems. This is because they are damaged or otherwise not working properly. Firefighters in the UK need to take precautions to wash the standpipe before any use. This ensures to clear out debris and make sure that the water access is available.

Final Thoughts

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