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Dry Riser Installation - Maintenance - Testing

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    Dry Risers Installation, Maintenance And Testing

    Looking for #1 UK dry riser installation and wet riser installation company? We are an experienced team of professionals and can come to your location anywhere within the UK. Keep your buildings protected from a fire.

    Now, it’s important to protect your building against the possible outbreak of a fire. To do this, you need dry riser and we provide a cost-effective way of making your building safe. This includes maintenance and dry riser testing. And we test privately owned fire hydrants. We also off servicing and testing of fire sprinkler systems. Our team of experienced engineers has operated in the field of fire safety for many years.

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    Our Dry Risers Fire Protection Services

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    Our UK Dry Risers company has installed and tested dry risers and serviced hydrants, sprinklers, dry riser inlet and dry riser systems in a range of different buildings and structures across the whole of the UK. We make sure our systems allow the fire bridgrade to get full access to water supply.

    No matter what type of building you occupy, we will make it safe for your employees or the general public.

    Our company operates with numerous clients within the construction industry throughout the UK such as London and Manchester.

    These include principal and main contractors, M&E contractors, architects, designers along with private individuals.


    Our Dry Risers Certified Accreditation

    Having shown compliance with current health and safety legislation – ‘Dry riser solutions’ is accredited within the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) to do riser and wet riser install maintenance.

    All our projects are designed, installed and commissioned to industrial standard and legislation BS9990: 2015 Standards. All the parts used in designing are BS5041 standards.

    We do a full visual inspection to check any dry risers installation. sprinkler systems, fire safety, and any fire hydrant. If you’re looking for certified installers, contact us.

    We Offer Full Dry Riser Testing

    We offer maintenance and testing on;

    • Breeching inlet
    • Landing valves
    • Dry Riser signs
    • Dry Riser doors
    • Inlet sizes and regulations

    Regulations for a Dry Riser System

    BS9990:2015 gives the recommendation and guidelines for the design, installation, and maintenance of a non-automatic and effective fire-fighting system in a building. From fire safety to sprinkler systems we can help. 

    It is a legal requirement for all buildings with a fire-fighting system to perform in-depth servicing and maintenance annually. The annual test ensures an operating pressure of twelve-bar. The maintenance would also include a visual test of the dry riser.

    The regulations ensure legal compliance with certain requirements and efficient use of the system.  There are also rules that should be followed when the installation is gone. For example, you will need the correct cabinet installed.

    Dry Riser Maintenance and Testing

    UK Fire crews understand the dry riser’s layout, function and how they operate. They also have knowledge of any risk involved.

    If a building that’s fitted with a riser cupboard or dry riser is referred to as a special or specific special risk (PRM/SSRI); then, detailed information on the riser’s size, location and performance limits needs to be noted down in any risk assessment.

    Contact us for more info.

    Dry Riser Installation Cost

    The installation cost will depend on the work required for the building that needs the installation. However, we will provide the best cost possible for your business.

    Contact us, we can discuss the cost and how we can help you

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A dry riser is utilised as a supply system. It's used  to distribute water to numerous levels or compartments of a building, as a component of its fire fighting systems.

    A riser system is part of safety devices installed in modern tall buildings to prevent fire outbreak. It can be a wet riser system or dry riser system installed in the building design.

    Dry risers must be intergrated in UK building where the floor is between 18 metres and 60 meters above ground level. 

    What Areas Do We Service In The UK For Dry Risers Installation And Testing?

    We cover all areas in the UK such as London dry riser installation, Birmingham dry riser installation, Manchester, Bolton, Leeds, York, Liverpool, Derby and more.