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    Dry Riser Installation

    Looking for #1 UK dry riser installation and wet riser installation company? We are an experienced team of professionals and can come to your location anywhere within the UK. Keep your buildings protected from a fire.

    Now, it’s important to protect your building against the possible outbreak of a fire. To do this, you need dry riser and we provide a cost-effective way of making your building safe. This includes maintenance and dry riser testing. And we test privately owned fire hydrants.

    Dry Riser Testing

    For dry riser testing, we offer 6-monthly inspections and annual testings required by the British Standard BS9990:15, the latest version of the British Standard BS9990, anywhere in the UK.

    We have contracts with FM companies, Block management, and individual property owners throughout the country.
    To schedule an appointment for a dry riser inspection or testing, simply call us under 0800 010 6137 or email us at [email protected].
    A representative will be in contact with you soon!

    Dry Risers Regulations

    There is a need to install a functioning and non-automatic fire-fighting system in buildings, especially tall ones. One of such system is a dry riser. The other one is the wet riser system.

    A dry riser and wet riser is a rising main composed of a vertical pipe that has an inlet that runs on the outside of the building and outlets which are placed on every floor in the building. With this system in place, firefighters would find it easier to fight fire in buildings that have floors above eighteen meters to the ground and have about six to seventeen stories.

    Wet Riser Installation

    We fit wet risers correctly in your area whether that’s London, Birmingham, or any other UK area that the fire brigade will appreciate. For your safety and better services, we are experienced contractors that are going to help in fixing test drains, separation regulators, Pressure Relief Valves, and fitting pipework for the main riser on each floor of your building.

    Before you finalise any wet riser installation for your business, you must make sure that the whole system is well designed, installed, commissioned, and certified with BS9990 2015.

    Wet Riser System

    Wet riser installation is a fire-combating system found in high buildings. It is used to supply water to different parts of a building through the installed pipe size system, mostly for firefighting purposes. Wet risers are usually filled with water. In a fire fighting operation, it can be used automatically or manually. Which is why pressure testing is important.

    The wet riser is capable of supplying up to 1500 litres of water per minute. It is built to sustain this amount of water supply for up to 45 minutes at least.

    Fire Sprinkler Servicing

    Every second, every minute counts when there is a fire emergency. Just a few moments’ delay of rescue and mitigating endeavors could spell the difference between lives and properties lost during such instance.

    In the UK, fire and rescue services can be reckoned as excellent. However, time is needed for them to reach the location of an emergency. That’s why it is necessary to ensure that an efficient fire sprinkler servicing is regualary done and that it meets British standards.

    Fire Hydrant Servicing

    Certified hydrant testing – ready to give you a free quote on all work today.

    Fire hydrants are used by firefighters to get access to a good and strong water supply. Occasionally, when the closest fire hydrant in a public footway is not close enough to a building, a fire hydrant will need to be set up on private properties.

    These are referred to as privately owned fire hydrants. It is important that they are installed by a competent fire hydrant contractor.

    Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

    Firefighters use fire hydrants to get access to a large supply of water in the event of a fire.To make sure fire hydrants are available in case of emergency, privately owned hydrants need to be installed in every building that doesn’t have access to public fire hydrants.

    In case of a fire, the fire engine will be connected to the fire hydrant through a hose.

    BS9251 Testing

    BS9251 is the British Standard. This is the 2nd version of this standard, originally published in 2005 then reviewed and amended in 2014 with help from members of the fire service and players in the industry.

    BS9990 Hydrants and Testing

    Most new construction consists of buildings four to eight stories high. However, it is increasingly common to find modern office and apartment buildings containing 20 or more floors. Furthermore, with the advent of “sky scrapers” which are over sixteen stories, we have begun to see a theory that less space per vertical floor equals more efficiency.

    Fire Safety Training

    There are many uses of fire. However, when improperly handled, fire can be dangerous. It can destroy lives and properties, and cause injuries. There are numerous repercussions when a fire happens in the workplace.

    Other than those earlier mentioned, it can also cause termination of jobs because plenty of offices and factories that have been destroyed by fire may not be rebuilt. This is why we do BS9990 and BS9251 testing.

    HMO Fire Risk Assessment

    This is to say that a fire risk assessment is legally required for all HMOs in the UK. This is where you can contact us at Dry Riser Solutions because we have highly-trained and certified fire risk assessors. Including BS9990 inspection.

    The HMO fire risk assessment that we implement is specifically designed for HMO properties, and we meticulously have it based on the Lacor’s guide.