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    British Standard Wet Riser Installations For Fire Protection

    We are UK Wet Riser installation experts and install wet rising mains, breeching inlet, fire suppression systems and inlet box for the fire brigade and their fire engine to allow building access. Dry Riser Solutions works with M&E contractors to provide and fit the Main riser pipework, Isolation valves, PRVs and to test drains. Whether it’s sprinkler installation, highlevel cleaning or highlevel installations, we can help. Here’s a guide;

    • A Wet Riser System must be intergrated with a Landing Valve at you desired locations on each floor of the building

    • A wet riser mains test riser is built-in within parallel to your wet riser to allow the release of the water from the Wet Riser for flow testing

    • Usually a Wet Riser is installed up to and over 60metres with building within the UK. Thewet riser system is designed to provide enough pressure to the different levels for the fire brigrade

    Rising Mains Inlet Box and Riser Systems Installations

    Don’t you want the best service for your wet rising mains for the safety and security of your modern and tall building? These are intended to allow the fire brigade to effectively eliminate any fires that may occur. The wet riser systems or dry riser consists of a vertical pipe with an inlet valve at ground level on an outside face of the building and outlets. We have the correct fire safety training and ensure everything is in order from hydrants testing to the best ground level systems installed.

    Locations In The UK For Our Services

    We fit wet risers correctly in your area whether that’s London, Birmingham, or any other UK area that the fire brigade will appreciate. For your safety and better services, we are experienced contractors that are going to help in fixing test drains, separation regulators, Pressure Relief Valves, and fitting pipework for the main riser on each floor of your building.

    Before you finalise any wet riser installation for your business, you must make sure that the whole system is well designed, installed, commissioned, and certified with BS9990 2015. As the wet riser will be an essential piece of equipment that will protect your building, you must ensure that your service provider is fulfilled with the best working team.

    Our Services for Installations Of Wet Risers

    You all want us at the time when you are in need to protect your commercial or residential building from fire. For this, you may require an installation. We are always here to provide you with the best services at a price that will not affect your pocket that much.

    As our team of expert engineers is working in the field of fire safety for many years, they have got very well experience in protecting you from fire. They provide various services to the customers through this platform; some of them are given below:

    • Professional services
    • Maintenance services
    • Testing services
    • Off service
    • Testing of fire sprinkler systems
    • Fast and certified services
    • Wet riser services
    • Fire hydrant testing
    • BS9990 testing

    Additional Services

    Dry Riser Installation​

    It’s important to protect your building against the possible outbreak of a fire. To do this, you need dry riser and we provide a cost-effective way of making your building safe.

    Dry Riser Testing

    We offer comprehensive dry riser installation service for inspection, testing, maintenance, and repairs! To ensure the top-quality of your equipment at any given time, we strictly follow the BS9990 and BS9251 standards.

    Dry Riser Regualations

    Uk Dry riser regulations declare that they should be installed in buildings where the level is 18 metres above the bottom level to 60 metres above ground level.

    Wet Riser

    We are UK Wet Riser installation experts and install wet rising mains, breeching inlet, fire suppression systems and inlet box for the fire brigade and their fire engine to allow building access.

    Wet Riser System​s

    Wet riser installation is a fire-combating system found in high buildings. It is used to supply water to different parts of a building through the installed pipe size system, mostly for firefighting purposes.

    Fire Sprinkler Servicing

    Every second, every minute counts when there is a fire emergency. Just a few moments’ delay of rescue and mitigating endeavors could spell the difference between lives and properties lost during such instance.

    Fire Hydrant Servicing

    Fire hydrants are used by firefighters to get access to a good and strong water supply. Occasionally, when the closest fire hydrant in a public footway is not close enough to a building, a fire hydrant will need to be set up on private properties.

    Fire Hyrdrant Flow Testing​

    Comprehensive fire hydrant flow inspection and testing. We offer comprehensive fire hydrant inspection, testing, maintenance, and repairs anywhere in the UK!


    Looking for BS9990 hydrant testing? This is the Dry Risers British Standard that regulate the design, installation, testing and maintenance of dry risers. We provide bs 9990:2015 non-automatic fire-fighting systems in buildings within the UK.


    BS9251 is the British Standard. This is the 2nd version of this standard, originally published in 2005 then reviewed and amended in 2014 with help from members of the fire service and players in the industry.

    Fire Safety Training

    There are many uses of fire. However, when improperly handled, fire can be dangerous. It can destroy lives and properties, and cause injuries. There are numerous repercussions when a fire happens in the workplace.

    HMO Fire Assesment

    HMO stands for “house in multiple occupation”, and as a property, has three or more tenants sharing it. They are not members of the same family.

    We cover all areas in the UK such as London dry riser installation, Birmingham dry riser installation, Manchester, Bolton, Leeds, York, Liverpool, Derby and more.